Case Studies

How Eastlink works with our customers

Eastlink partners with our customers through innovative product design and manufacturing in order to make their lives easier and help them meet their customers’ needs.

We have a large range of existing products in a variety of categories and are also able to design and manufacture bespoke products to meet our customer’s needs.

Our experience means we’re able to confidently partner with you throughout the product development lifecycle, working with you from the beginning at the designing phase right through to manufacturing, logistics and after sales support.

Furniture Legs

Who: Hardware Big Box Market

End Customer: DIY furniture makers / home decor and design enthusiasts

Solution: Affordable product to add value to in-store purchases

Customers tapping into the growing DIY furniture market were able to capitalise on their customers’ upcycling creativity with our team designing, manufacturing and delivering innovative steel table and bench legs in a variety of designs.

This low-cost solution gave our clients a brand-new category to introduce to their customers while offering end-of-aisle merchandising opportunities with our bulk pallet drops to help manage the bulky nature of the product. We also developed smaller half-pallets for small format stores and developed solutions for in-bay merchandising.

With dozens of styles available, clients were able to support their customers DIY furniture adventures, which meant we made pallet drops every 6-8 weeks with a sell through within 3-5 weeks.

Dining table

Steel Tubular Fencing

Who: Hardware Big Box Market

End Customer: DIY enthusiasts and general trade buyers

Solution: An affordable solution stronger than aluminium 

When our customer came to us looking for an affordable residential and pool compliant fencing solution in steel, after identifying a gap in the market, we accepted the challenge to create a customised product.

In four months we designed and delivered to stores a customised steel solution, stronger than aluminium, that was still affordable for their customers. The lower price point met the needs of DIY enthusiasts and general trade buyers seeking a cost-effective product.

Together with the Australian distributor we were able to launch the product with a cutting-edge marketing campaign that helped drive the customer’s sales up both instore and online.

Steel Tubular Fencing

Steel Commodity Product

Who: Hardware Big Box Market

End Customer: A broad customer base from home handymen to trade buyers

Solution: A ready-to-market solution for clients to increase revenue opportunities

We don’t always take a client’s lead before designing and manufacturing a product. We identified the product was too expensive and offered a lower price to our customer as well as expanding the range. We designed, developed and brought to market steel products in a variety of sizes, colours and apertures that offered our clients the opportunity to increase category revenue opportunities.

The return on investment for the customer was significant with little interruption to the business with product changeover.

Steel commodity Product